street team, playground team, school team. ice cream truck team. i don't know what to call it.
the rest of the world calls it a street team so let's go with that.

we greatly appreciate your help. the word of mouth over the past 10 years has made the difference between playing in the basement of thrift shops (which was a lot of fun, don't get me wrong) and playing london's southbank center (and all points in between).

we are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to continue to help spread the word and so here is the part of the website where you can find printable and e mailable flyers for shows. we're trying to make them pleasing to the eye - flyers that would nicely decorate libraries, schools, coffee shops, day care centers, and of course fitness centers.

if you feel that you did a great job of getting these things around your community please let us know. we'd love to invite you backstage before the show to say hello and thank you (and take a request or two).

anytime we are able to get the word out and fill the house we know we'll be coming back in triumph sometime soon which is to say that your help is very important to us.

thank you for 10 years of generous support!