28 February 2014

The webseries is here!

Here they are, the first 3 episodes of the Dan Zanes and Friends web series! If I had to make a list of fun things to do during a heat wave I would put filming webisodes at the top. We made these during the summer of 2012 with our friend Matt Mayers and if you want to experience life with Dan Zanes and Friends (and friends!) these are for you. Songs, snacks, friendship, and no drama. 


26 February 2014

new wonder wheel app!

there's a new app for my song WONDER WHEEL! my brother-in-law DONALD SAAF did the illustrations and the app makers at MIBBLIO cooked it up. you can listen to the instruments separately and play along on a keyboard with a variety of sounds. it's definitely a 21st century folk experience! here's a preview and click HERE make it a part of your life. 


11 February 2014

new dan zanes classes at BCM!

It's been almost a year of dreaming and planning and writing and organizing but the Dan Zanes House Party: Songs and Stories from America's Neighborhoods is finally here! Yes, my music education program in collaboration with the Brooklyn Conservatory began this week and I couldn't be more excited.

This first season offers classes for kids age 8 months to 4 years in the mornings and afternoons Monday through Saturday at the Brooklyn Conservatory in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn. There are still spots available if you're interested and, although we have a great crew of teachers throughout the week, I've decided to teach on Wednesday mornings. I've never taught before but my first classes were a blast so I think I can do this! I'll also be the accompanist on Tuesdays. It seems that I can't stay away from the conservatory... Click here for more information.